GWFNet Data Catalogue

GWFNet is a high-level information hub specialized for relating together different forms of records on water science in Canada and beyond.  It is a catalogue of data and related metadata from GWFO and prior water sciences programs, with detailed information on and linkages amongst datasets, researchers and projects, observation sites and facilities, hydrological model workflows and outputs, publications, and other information across the program.

Real-Time Graph Access

Through the Changing Cold Regions Network (CCRN), public is able to access real-time graphs from many research stations throughout the Saskachewan and Mackenzie river basins. Various information is avaiable to be viewed in hourly, 3-hourly or daily timesteps and includes variables such as temperature, precipitation, soil moisture/temperature, wind speed and direction and snow depth.

Please note that the information is presented in a mobile friendly format but can still be viewed on desktop computers.

Request Data

Please email Stephen O'Hearn with your data request.